7 steps to your first rental property

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Are you looking to get started in real estate?

Have you wanted to own rental properties but you need to learn the basic steps to buying your first one?

My FREE guide is a blueprint to get you started and on the right track to buying your first rental property. I describe, in detail, my 7-steps to landing a deal:

1.) Know your why

2.) Prepare your finances

3.) Build your buying  criteria

4.) Learn to analyze deals

5.) Choose the location

6.) Secure Financing

7.) Make Offers

The guide provides actionable steps and tips you can use to get started in real estate. It teaches you foundational knowledge from what types of properties to buy, how to run the numbers, and need-to-know real estate terms.

If you educate & take action, you could have a rental property within 3 months!

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Free guide detailing my 7 steps to buying a rental property.

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7 steps to your first rental property

6 ratings
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